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How to translate the interface in another language

You will need Visual Studio to be able to modify the translations ; the free Visual Studio Express will be sufficient.

The interface

The translations for the interface are in resource files.
You have to look in 2 locations : in /AppGlobalResources, and, in each folder, in AppLocalResources.
In order to translate the application, you will have to duplicate each file .resx (minus the fr-FR.resx ones), rename them language-code.resx, and modify them. For example, if you want to translate ticket management in spanish, you will duplicate App_GlobalResources\Tickets.resx, rename it, es-ES being the IETF language tag for spanish in Spain. Then, open the new file with Visual Studio, and translate the values.

The database's data

The database is not multilingual, but you can edit the values in the various tables.

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