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How to install HelpDesk

SQL Server connection

HelpDesk needs SQL Server 2005 or later.
If you are using SQL Server Express, you shouldn't have to do anything.
If you do not have SQL Express installed on the machine, modify the web.config file so the connection string points to the right adress (an example is provided in comments) and mount the .mdf file.
If you want a really clean database installation, run the .sql script ; however, you will have to figure out how to create a new administrator user by yourself.

Passwords security

In order to be able to retrieve the user's passwords, HelpDesk uses a two-way encryption mechanism.
If you plan on using HelpDesk in production, you should generate a new validationkey and a new decryptionkey in system.web/machineKey section.
However, HelpDesk will run with the provided keys, but be aware that the stored passwords are not secured if someone manages to get your database's data.

Mail settings

Those settings are only used for password recovery for the moment, but they will be used in later releases.
Edit the section.

Once everything is ready

The default login is admin, passord : admin.
You can begin by creating your client's accounts and users, your client's projects, and begin entering tickets.
Then, provide them a link to your server : the non-administrators users have access to a somewhat limited version, that allows them to enter tickets.

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